Guiding Question
How people express their subconsciousness?
How do Surrealist create meaning in their artwork?

Learning materials

Experimental Surrealist visual imagery (Week of 03/12/12)
You need to take creative TWO photographs to demonstrate your imagination and critical review on Surrealism. Please think of the Surrealist glossary when apply this to your photos. After this please write a piece of work evaluation and analysis to justify your works.

Contextual Studies of Surrealism (Week of 10/12/13)
You are asked to investigate the given Surrealists and their major works for analysis and comments. Please make goof use of subject terminology and follow the appropraite format of art cricticsm in your study.

Lucky Draw Session (18/12/12)
Please have FIVE high resolution pictures (could be retrieved from magazines, books and photographs) with not smaller than A4 size. The collected pictures will be selected randomly for your Surrealist studio work. Then you need to work on your image composition and experimentation on DW. Remember that a process journal, work evaluation and comment is expected.

Submission of work
Your contextual studies and analysis due on the first lesson when you have come back from the Christmas Break!
Your studio work will be submitted on 15/01/13.