4. Community Outreach
(Duration: 20th December, 2012 to 30th January, 2013)

Guiding Question: How can art be used to help a community and individuals?
Significant Concept: Arts are products of an artist's perspective and identity

This unit you will examine different ways portraits are used to communicate. You will visit elderly centre and be friends with the people by showing care and love. You need to develop strategy to interact with elderly through sharing activities and building up trusted relationship. After the community service, you will develop an interpretive portrait based on the targeted person in the visit. This work requires you have problem solve creative solutions, analyze other artists and their work, and create a large-scale portrait work. The art process does not always follow the path you anticipate. Be willing to work with unpredictable results, and be willing to put in time to meet deadlines.

Learning Materials

TOK Focus: What roles do the arts play in people's lives? Are these roles unique to the arts? Can art change the way we interpret the world? Does involvement in the arts help the development of personal value system? Can art express emotion? Does art enlarge what it is possible to think?

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