(DURATION: 28th August to 17th November, 2017)

Guiding Questions

Conceptual: Is Less more?

Debatable: Can semi-abstract artwork be considered a meaningful form of self expression?

Key Concept: Form, Related Concept: Expression & Innovation

Statement of Inquiry: Personal beliefs and values shape the way we express innovative thoughts and actions

sources: http://arteascuola.com/2014/04/inspired-by-matisse-cut-outs/

Learning materials:


On-line drawing programme


Use of Rubber Cement


Week of 28th August (Introduction)

Inquiry question and Colour Theory practice. Due on 18/09/17.

  • Apply colours to grids to generate principal of design
  • (MYP Criteria A: Knowing and Understanding iii, B: Developing Skills i and ii)


Research project on Henri Matisse. Due on 22/09/17.

  • Use formal analysis model to critique one Matisse paper cut-off work.
  • (MYP Criteria A: Knowing and Understanding i, ii, and iii, D: Responding ii)


Paper research1.jpgpaper invetigation2.jpg

Week of 18th September

Observational drawings (22and 25/09/17) and graphic modification (09/10/17).

  • Visual research through observational drawing on VSA campus and image transformation to graphic design
  • Use primary sources (observational drawing and photo documentation) as key visuals and turn them to potential graphics. Annotate the images properly to show your artistic judgement to the chosen theme.
  • Develop at least THREE focused goals of the project (see below Criterion C: Thinking Creatively)
  • Create a work plan to illustrate how you would execute the images to the set goals (see below Criterion C: Thinking Creatively)
  • Evaluate and comment on the work quality in the process
  • (MYP Criteria A: Knowing and Understanding iii, B: Developing Skills i and ii, C: Thinking Creatively i, ii, iii, D: Responding i, ii, iii)

paper obsevatiponal.jpg

Inspired Matisse style landscape Experiment (08/10/17)

(MYP Criteria A: Knowing and Understanding iii, B: Developing Skills i and ii, C: Thinking Creatively i, ii, iii, D: Responding i, ii, iii)
  • Show Matisse inspired skills and techniques on paper-cut off
  • Show artistic awareness on colour application
  • Show concept of simplicity (less is more) to the chosen theme
  • (MYP Criteria A: Knowing and Understanding iii, B: Developing Skills i and ii, C: Thinking Creatively i, ii, iii, D: Responding i, ii, iii)



creative process.png
Source: http://architects2zebras.com/category/collaboration/

C: Planning for Thinking Creatively (show your problem solving skills and artistic intention in a feasible and coherent manner)
C1) THREE objectives (tell what you want to achieve at the end of the unit, BE SPECIFIC!)
C2) Theme development (use appropriate thinking models to show variety of theme. e.g. landscape, House spirit, people, etc.)
C3) Visual development (show graphic modification, colour application and composition, etc.)
C4) Image annotation during the process of design (from C2 to C4)
For more details, please refer to the supplement on Creative Cycle
Paper Criterion7.jpg
Paper Crierion C4.jpg
Paper CriterionC6.jpg
Paper CriterionC2.jpg

Paper_Criterion C.jpg

Inspired Matisse paper cut work
y9 work-0008.jpgy9 work-0007.jpgy9 work-0005.jpg y9 michele-0002.jpg

Silk Screening Project

Y94_0ri_low res.jpg Y98_ori_low res.jpg
Y93_0ri_low res.jpgY96_ori_low res.jpgy9-Y201_low res.jpg

Inspired Matisse style landscape project (Silkscreen printmaking)

(Duration: 12th October to 20th November, 2015)

In this subunit you will learn the printmaking technique of Silkscreening and its application to studio work (Criterion B). Review your existing paper cutout design and you may modify the visuals further with the concept of "LESS IS MORE". Plan and evaluate the production side of making paper stencils and its colour application to silkscreen printmaking. Examine the number of colour layers and paper stencils will be used to convey a message and achieve a good visual impact (Criterion C and D). You are required to conduct a contextual studies on printmaking artist and his/her work through formal analysis (Criterion A) and appreciation.

Learning materials:

Silkscreening Demo Videos


Project and Assessment Notification Sheet


Assessment Criteria: A, B, C and D

Due date on Friday (20/11/15)

ATL Skills Clarification
ATL skills clarification.png